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Summary: Solomon Sibbet and his older brother Aaron Sibbet are the ancestors of the majority of Sibbits and Sibbitts in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, and specifically, the Sibbets, Sibbits and Sibbitts in Washington Co, Pennsylvania and Warren Co, Ohio.

They appear to have a Scots and Scots-Irish background, and have family legends of being rebels, horse thieves, and criminals wanted by the British, much like the other Sibbet families of Pennsylvania, the Cumberland Co, PA Sibbets in particular. In America, they and their descendants were American soldiers of the American Revolution, the Whiskey Rebellion, the War of 1812, the Civil War, and every major conflict which has involved the US military since. These early Sibbets were highly family-oriented, religious, Presbyterian and members of the Masons, and spent the majority of their lives as farmers and businessmen.

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