The Aaron Sibbitt Family
and the Sibbets of New Jersey
Compiled by Wilmer L. Sibbitt Jr, and Ms. Mare Reed and the greater Sibbet/Sibbit/Sibbett/Sibbitt Families

Sibbitts in Early Colonial America

            Sibbitts were noted early in colonial America in virtually all of the colonies. In 1678 a certain Peter Sibbet of Haddington, Scotland died in Virginia leaving his estate to Sibill Gray, a spinster.  In 1723 a James Sibbit married a Martha Lie in New York, New York.  In March 1737 Robert Sibbet of St. Luke Middelsex and of the merchant ships Pointz and John died in Maryland as a bachelor.  He left his estate to Catherine Stringfellow, his spinster sister ( American Wills in the Court of Canterbury).   In New York,  on 21 Jan, 1723 a certain James Sibbit, a cooper, was noted as a Freeman  on the local voters list.  Also, a “James Sibbit” was born in Pennsylvania in the 1750s (Pennsylvania Archives).  Also, a certain “James Sibbit” (b 1777) of New Jersey was recruited to the US Federal armies to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania (Records of the Officers and Men of the NJ in the Wars of 1791-1215 Trenton, NJ, 1909 p 369).  As soon as British colonists came to the American continent,  the Sibbets soon appeared in formal records.Thus,  New York, Rhode Island, and New Jersey had persistent Sibbet populations, and presumably stable Sibbet families, since early colonial periods.

Sibbitts in New Jersey:  Colonial, Revolutionary, and Post-Revolutionary

            The Sibbets also appear early in the history of colonial New Jersey. The Sibbets first appear in colonial New Jersey in the 1730s, and in neighboring New York and Rhode Island,e even earlier in the late 1600s, when both Scotland and Ireland were in turmoil, resulting in  very large Scots and Ulster Scot immigration to the American colonies.  On Dec 28 1736, James Sebet, of Burlington, New Jersey, is noted to marry one Hannah James, in Burlington, New Jersey.  The next Sibbet that appears is actually Aaron Sibbitt, who was noted in the Tax roles of Trenton Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ in 1779, during the Revolutionary War.  The next Sibbet who appears in NJ is Catharine “Sippet” in 1781 in the Middleton Twp, Monmouth Co, NJ also during the Revolutionary War.  Documented NJ Sibbets that participated in the Revolutionary War included Joseph “Sapet” Private roll bx 55, Richard “Savitt” Corpl roll b 59, James “Sevett”, Priv Roll box 60, William “Shufft” Private box 57, and Solomon “Dippet” who was in the Dutchess County Militia (Land bounty rights) - Sixth Regiment.  In addition, Aaron Sibbet was noted in the “History of Carroll Co, Indiana” to be a Revolutionary War Soldier.  Thus, it appears that many New Jersey Sibbets were Revolutionary War soldiers, and probably both the brothers Solomon and Aaron Sibbet.

             After the Revolutionary War,  Aaron Sibbet appears in the 1785  tax roles in Hopewell Twp, Hunterdon Co. July, 1785.  A John “Shibta” then appears in Shrewbury Twp Monmouth Co, NJ in 1786.  Solomon (Solliman) Sibbet then appears in 1791 in West Precinct,  Somerset County, NJ.   Also, a certain “James Sibbit” (b 1777) of New Jersey was recruited to Federal armies to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania (Records of the Officers and Men of the NJ in the Wars of 1791-1215 Trenton, NJ, 1909 p 369).  Aaron Sibbet then appears in the 1793 tax rolls of Hopewell Twp, Essex co, NJ.  Next Benjamin “Sivett” appears in the Glouchester Co, Waterford Twp, NJ tax rolls in 1796.  And finally in 1797 James Sibbet (Sibbot) is present in West Precinct Somerset County, NJ in 1797.  The New Jersey records after 1200 are very sparse, and presumably were destroyed by the British in the War of 1212.  However, a James Sibbet (Gibbit) is noted in the Essex Co, Newark Twp in 1211.

            After 1200, several populations of Sibbets remain in New Jersey,  the Hunterdon Co Sibbets, the Glouchester Co. Sibbets, the Monmouth Sibbets, the Burlington Co Sibbets, the Essex Co . Sibbets, the Mercer Co. Sibbets,  and the Somerset Co. Sibbets.  The Hunterdon, Essex, Mercer and Somerset Co. Sibbets all seem to be related temporally and geographically to Solomon and Aaron Sibbet and are probably the same Sibbet family.   Thus, the larger Aaron-Solomon Sibbet family can called the “Hunterdon Sibbets” relating to the point of their earliest recognizable appearance.  The relationship of the Burlington, Monmouth, and Glouchester Co. Sibbets to the Hunterdon Sibbets is unclear, and these may represent entirely different Sibbet families. 

             Populations of New Jersey Sibbets continued into the 19th and 20th centuries, but the relationships between these Sibbets and Pennsylvania Sibbets become more complicated as there was a continual migration of Sibbets from Ireland, England, and to a lesser extent, Scotland, as well as internal migration within the USA, not just from New York, but also back migration to New Jersey from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the entire Midwest.  Thus, modern Sibbets/Sibbitts in New Jersey may nor may not be related to the NJ and Pennsylvania Sibbets of the late 17th and early 12th centuries. 

            In terms of Hunterdon Sibbets, Aaron Sibbet appears to be the earliest, appearing in 1779, in Hunterdon Co, NJ, and then again in 1785.  It is difficult to follow after this period because the NJ census for 1790, 1200, 1210 were destroyed when Washington DC was burned by the British during the War of 1212.  The next Sibbet to appear in Hunterdon is “Harriet Sibbitt” (b circa 1207) who married a John Raliff  on 22 April 1227 in Hunterdon, NJ.  This husband appears to have died almost immediately, and Harriet (or another Harriet Sibbitt) married again this time, John Lyons 4 Aug 1228, Hunterdon, NJ.  A Richard Sibbet (b approximately 1799, d after 1260) is found with his family in the 1230 Federal census for Hunterdon Co. Amwell Twp, NJ, and it is likely that he is the nephew of Solomon Sibbet and Aaron Sibbet.  It is also possible that this Richard Sibbet is the missing son of Solomon Sibbet, because this Richard was born in Pennsylvania and back-migrated to New Jersey.  A “Mary Sibbet” (b about 1775)  and her family are also found in the same Amwell Twp, and it is likely that she is the widow of one of the brothers of Solomon.  Richard married an “Anne” (b 1204 in NJ), and had the following children, Henrrieta (b 1239 NJ), Hiram (b 1242NJ) and Richard (b 1244 NJ).  Sibbet populations remained in Hunterdon, Somerset, Mercer and Essex Cos in the early 1200s, all former places that either Aaron Sibbet or Solomon Sibbet had lived, thus, the original “James Sibbet” family of Hunterdon  may have been rather large, or these may have been cousins.

The Solomon-Aaron Sibbet Family and the Ancestral “James Sibbet”

            It is likely that both Solomon Sibbet and Aaron Sibbet were the sons of an immigrant, most likely a Scotsman or a Ulster Scot from Northern Ireland.  The ancestral Sibbet father’s name can only be guessed at, but most likely was a “James Sibbet”.  This ancestral “James Sibbet” had a number of sons including Aaron Sibbet (of Hunterdon, Essex, and Mercer Cos, NJ),  Solomon Sibbet of Somerset Co, NJ,  and a James Sibbet of Somerset Co. NJ, who was probably the US soldier who fought in the Whiskey Rebellion. There were probably a number of other Sibbet sons and daughters as well.  It is likely that many of the Sibbets remaining in NJ after 1200 were close relatives of the Washington Co, PA Sibbets, especially in Hunterdon, Essex,  Mercer, and Somerset Cos, NJ.

            This “James Sibbet” of Scotland or Ulster, Ireland may have immigrated to New Jersey between 1750 and 1775.  It is also possible that both Aaron Sibbet and Solomon Sibbet themselves were not born in New Jersey, but rather in Scotland or Ulster, because the History of Carroll County describes that the grandson of Aaron Sibbet, Richard Marlen Sibbitt, “was of Scotch lineage” which probably means that his father Aaron, or his grandfather “James”, were from Scotland or the Scottish part of Ireland (Ulster).  Moreover, modern Sibbitt family tradition is that the Sibbitts were both Scots and Scots-Irish, and had to flee Scotland and Northern Ireland because they were wanted by the British because they were “criminals” and “horse thieves” (Communication from Wilmer L. Sibbitt, Sr, 1965).

            This story, like similar stories from other Sibbet families, suggests that the Sibbets were  Scots or Ulster Scot rebels and malcontents, with a deep resentment towards the English.  To support this story, the later immigration pattern of the Aaron-Solomon Sibbet family parallels that of the other Scots-Irish immigrants in America in general, and in Pennsylvania in particular.   That is, rapid movement away from the East coast and then inland, first into the established Scots-Irish communities, especially those in Pennsylvania, and then eventually further west. Washington Co, PA,  in particular, where both Solomon and Aaron Sibbet eventually immigrated ,was an established Scots-Irish community, and was teaming with radical Ulster Scot rebels who had recently been driven from Ireland.

            The Hunterdon Sibbets, that is the Ancestral James Sibbet or Aaron-Solomon Sibbet family,  appear to be deeply involved in all the military activities of their communities, and appear to have directly participated as American troops in the Revolutionary War, military suppression of the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania, and the War of 1212, as well as remaining members of their local militia.  It may have been this martial tendency that actually brought the Aaron-Solomon Sibbet family to Pennsylvania.  A certain “James Sibbet” from New Jersey participated in the action of US Federal troops to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in the 1790s, a theater of operations that was centered on Washington Co, PA , the exact location to which the Sibbet brothers immigrated.  Moreover, the next “James Sibbet” that appears is in Hopewell Twp, Somerset County, NJ, the exact location of Solomon Sibbet is present 1792, suggesting a definite connection.

            In 1796 the brothers Aaron Sibbet and Solomon leave New Jersey, and immigrate to West Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, PA where they buy a plot of land together.  The reason for their immigration specifically  to Washington Co, PA rather than some other area could simply be the greater availability of land in western Pennsylvania, the presence of an established Scots-Irish community, or to the presence of an established Sibbet family member.  It is likely that all three factors were important to Aaron and Solomon Sibbet.  At least 2 James Sibbets lived in colonial Washington Co, PA, and both served in the American militia in the Revolutionary War. A certain “James Sibbet” served 1781-1783, was inducted 19th Sept 1781 in the 4th Battalion, 5th Company Capt Thomas Rankin in command and received his certificate 9 Nov 1784. A certain James Sibbet also owned land in 1788 in Washington Co, PA  8 years before Aaron and Solomon Sibbet arrived in Washington Co.  It is likely that one of these James Sibbets was a brother and the other an uncle or other close relative to Solomon and Aaron Sibbet of NJ. 

            However, by 1200 both James Sibbets of Washington Co, PA are no longer present in the Census or Tax rolls.  It is likely that one of these James Sibbets has died,  and the disposal of this land may be one of the reasons the Sibbet brothers immigrated to Washington Co. The other of these James Sibbets has probably immigrated to Ohio by 1798, and appears involved in a legal matter regarding multiple owners of a boat, which is resolved by the Ohio territorial court in 1798. Alternatively, it could be that James Sibbet of Washington Co, PA swapped his lands in Pennsylvania for the New Jersey lands Solomon Sibbet, and this might be the explanation that Solomon and James Sibbet seem to change places around  1796.  However, the Sibbitts as a family have always been attracted to the physical presence of their own Sibbitt relatives, and the presence of these James Sibbets first in Washington co, PA in then in Ohio may be what induced Aaron and Solomon Sibbet to leave NJ go to Washington Co, PA and in the case of Aaron, to move further west into Ohio.  Thus, it appears that Sibbets were already present in Revolutionary War era Washington Co, PA and the presence of the preexisting Sibbet family may be what attracted the brothers Aaron and Solomon Sibbet to specifically to Washington Co, PA.

            The Hunterdon NJ Sibbets in general seem to have been very restless, and immigrated throughout New Jersey and into Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and beyond. Eventually, almost all of the Hunterdon Sibbets, gradually spelled their names “Sibbit” or “Sibbitt” instead of their ancestral “Sibbet” or “Sibbett”, although the spelling seems to have always varied before the 20th Century.   The number of modern descendants of this Hunterdon Sibbet family is also very large and comprises the great majority of the “Sibbit” and “Sibbitt” families of modern New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and a good portion of the Sibbit and Sibbitts of Kansas, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, and the Rocky Mountain States, including California.  If a modern Sibbet family in the USA spells its name “Sibbit” or “Sibbitt”, particularly in the above states, chances are that that person is a descendant of the ancestral “James Sibbet” of Scotland or Ulster, who established his family in Hunterdon Co, New Jersey before the Revolutionary War.


Ancestral “James Sibbet” (b circa 1734 probably Scotland or Ulster, Northern Ireland, d probably 1785, Hunterdon Co, NJ). 

            Children of Ancestral “James Sibbet” and unknown wife:

            1.  Aaron Sibbet (b 1759 Trenton Twp, Hunterdon, NJ but possibly in Ireland, or Scotland , d about 1216, Deerfield Twp,Warren Co. Ohio).

            2.  Solomon Sibbet I (b 1765-1770 probably in Trenton Twp, Hunterdon, NJ New Jersey,  but possibly in Ireland, or Scotland , d 1234, West Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, PA).

            3.  James Sibbet (b  circa 1770 probably in Trenton Twp, Hunterdon, NJ New Jersey,  but possibly in Ireland, or Scotland , d before 1230, Somerset Co, NJ).

            4.  Other unknown Sibbet brothers and sisters

Aaron Sibbet (b 1759 Trenton Twp, Hunterdon, NJ, d about 1217, Deerfield Twp,Warren Co. Ohio),  (Ancestral “James”) .

            Virtually nothing is known of the childhood of Aaron and Solomon Sibbet, but it is presumed that they grew up to a typical farm life in colonial New Jersey.  Aaron Sibbet was a Revolutionary War Soldier (Richard Marlen Sibbitt, History of Carol Co., Indiana) , and often told his Sibbitt grandchildren in Ohio about his exploits as a Revolutionary War soldier in New Jersey.   During the Revolutionary War, Aaron Sibbet was noted in the Trenton Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ in 1779, thus, he probably served in New Jersey Militia of Hunterdon Co, or in the Continental Army itself.  He was of age in 1779, thus, he must have been at least 20 years old which provides a birth date of 1759.  The notation is as follows:

            “RATEABLES, TRENTON, HUNTERDON COUNTY,  1779. A list of the Rateables in the Township of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon in the State of New Jersey, with the Assessments made thereon in the Month of September, 1779, Pr Chas. Axford jun., Assessor.  Pr Chas. Axford jun., Assessor.  In the list:  “Sibbet, Aaron.”  

            This means that Aaron Sibbet was born around 1759, and the entry ties the Aaron Sibbet-Solomon Sibbet family to the Hunterdon Sibbets.  Similarly, “RATEABLES, HOPEWELL, HUNTERDON COUNTY,  1785. A list of the Rateables in the Township of Hopewell and the County of Hunterdon in the State of New Jersey and the Assessments made thereon in July, 1785”.  “Sibbet, Aaron” is noted as a “Householder”. 

            In 1793 Aaron Sibbet is noted in Hopewell Twp, Essex Co, NJ tax rolls, indicating that he had already had begun to move about (NJ Tax Lists Index 1772-1222).  He married Elizabeth Marlen (b 1759, d about 1220, Warren Co, Ohio) around 1790 in New Jersey.  In about 1796 Aaron Sibbet and his younger brother Solomon Sibbet moved to Washington Co, PA, and bought land together in West Bethlehem Twp.   In 1200 census, Aaron was living on a farm with his wife Elizabeth and their 6 sons and 1 daughter, close to his brother Solomon Sibbet.   Aaron sold his land in Washington Co, PA in 1207 to a certain John Ringer as follows in the Washington Co., PA, Deed 1—T—663 recorded 2 May 1207:

            “On 4 April 1207, Aaron Sibbet and Elizabeth his wife of Amwell Township, Washington Co., PA conveyed to John Ringer of the same place, a 238—acre tract of land on Ten Mile Creek, ‘it being the tract called “Big Bottom” granted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Joseph Eddy by Patent dated 9 Jul 1788 in Book 13, Page 273.  The purchase price was $2,856.”

            Aaron Sibbet and his family then moved on to Ohio.  He purchased land in South Western Ohio,  Deerfield Twp, Warren Co, OH on Nov. 01, 1208.  He also acquired an original land patent (1195) on 12 Feb 1213 in the Miami Reserve, which is “between the two Miami Rivers”.  Aaron Sibbet was a farmer, and had considerable farmland, including extensive orchids.  His sons were also farmers but eventually also large landholders and businessmen.    In 1209 and 1210 Aaron Sibbet is noted in Deerfield Twp, Warren Co, OH Tax roles.  He is also noted as a witness on the executed will of a certain Robert Benham 25 Oct 1209 in Warren Co, OH.   His wife Elizabeth Sibbet is noted as a widow in 1220 in Warren Co, Ohio, indicating that Aaron had died before 1220.  His son Benjamin, who was a minor in 1212, was appointed a guardian by the Orphans Court of Ohio, indicating that Aaron probably died in late1216. Apparently, he was ill for quite some time before he died, and had the time and foresight to prepare a will.   His will is dated  12 Feb 1216 and is as follows:

            “In the name of God, Amen.  I Aaron Sibbet of the County of Warren, State of Ohio being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory (Blessed be God for his Goodness) do make and publish this my Last Will and testament in manner and form as follows,   

“First I give and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Elisabeth Sibbet all my house hole furniture with the use of my Mansion house during my son Richards Single Situation, and when or if he should Marry she then do enjoy one half of said house with the privelage of the use of the spring and a part of the Milk house and a full sufficiancy of the fruits that my orchids shall produce for her own domestic use and likewise the use of the garden during her pleasure or lifetime, but she is not to have the Liberty of renting out her part of said house if she should see fit to Move away from them, Likewise she to have her horse of the Horse Cretures with her Saddle and Bridle and two cows Said Horse and Cows to be kept by my son Richard entire for her owne use, but be it hereby remembered that if an exadend (accident) should happen to Said horse or Cows by death or otherwise so as to render them useless they shall be made good to her again by my three sons to whom I give my hand unto,  Likewise said three sons are to put into her home for her own use  Thirty Bushels of Wheat Four hundred and fifty pounds of Porke   thirty pounds of Flax and fifteen pounds of Wool to be pain yearly and every year during her life time.  Further my son Richard is to provide for her a sufficiancy of Wood Cutt up at the door in case any thing should happen that my son Cornelius should not live with her, 

“Second I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Nancy Ruidinover Three hundred and fifty Dollars and a Gray Mare Colt besides all heretofore that I gave unto her, Third to my son Eli Sibbet I give and bequeath to him the whole use of the lease that he now lives on he to pay the rents and fulfill the lease as is Called for   Likewise he is to have the Money that is to be Collected from Daniel Brewer and Two hundred and fifty Dollars besides what I already have given him,   Said Money to  paid out of my moveable property, 

“Forth, I give and bequeath to my son Richard Sibbet my homested farms by his paying to my son Cornelius Seven hundred Dollars when he shall arrive to the age of twenty three years, Likewise by his paying my sone Benjamin Seven hundred Dollars when he shall arrive to the same age of twenty three years  Which Said farms is to Stand and be as Surety for the Said Sumes of Seven hundred Dollars,  Fifth to my other two Sons George and William, I give to them my Clayton farm to be Divided as follows  Beginning at the State Road and running with the fence within five rods of the Southwest Corner of William Claytons Barn (so-called) then South until Attains the division line of the Section George to have the east and William to have the West part of Said part of Land, and they are to have full possession when they finally arrive to the age of Twenty one years,  As to that part that fall to William my Will is that there shall be One hundred Apple tress planted and fence separately by themselves next Spring,

“-- My Request is that William Should have some more Schooling and learn some kin of a Trade,  And my Will is that Benjamin should have schooling and when he shall arrive to a Sufficient age to be bound out to learn a Trate  And as for my son Cornelius y Will is that he should live with his Mother and have Schooling,, And lastly as to all the Rest Residue and Remainder of my personel estate goods and Chattels of what kinde and nature so ever I give and bequeath the same to my beloved Wife Elisabeth Sibbet whome I do hereby appoint my Executrix with my Son Richard and David Fox Executors of this my last will and testament,  In Witness whereof I have here unto Set my hand that this first day of January in the year Eighteen hundred & Sixteen.”

            Signed and delivered

            in presents of

            David Randolph                                    { (Signed)  Aaron Sibbit   (Seal)

            James Benham

            George Camblin

            Aaron Sibbet was a rather old father, and one wonders whether he had more than one wife and a series of children during his life.   On the other hand, his will suggests only one wife and family, and earlier he may have been caring for his younger brothers and sisters for many years, and his migration, leaving younger Sibbets in his wake, does suggest that he was taking care of younger siblings and holding off on his own marriage until his siblings were appropriately situated.  It appears that Elizabeth Marlen lived until her death with her son Richard Marlen Sibbitt who was already an adult and veteran of the War of 1212, and her minor or younger sons, William, Cornelius, and Benjamin.  Elizabeth Marlen died after 1220.  It is not known where Aaron Sibbet and his wife Elisabeth are buried but it is likely to be in Deerfield Twp, Warren Co, OH.

Aaron Sibbet and Elizabeth Marlen had the following children:

1) Richard Marlen Sibbitt ( b14 Feb, 1793, Hopewell Twp, Essex Co, NJ, d 25 Nov, 1277 Carroll Co,

2) Eli  Sibbitt (b 1794 Hopewell Twp, Essex Co, NJ, died 1239 in Carroll Co, IN).

3) Nancy Sibbet (b circa 1795 Hopewell Twp, Essex Co, NJ, death after 1216).

4) George Sibbet (b after 1796  probably Amwell Twp Washington Co, PA,, died after 1230 OH?)

5) William Sibbitt ( b circa 1200, probably Amwell Twp Washington Co, PA, died after 1260 in Preble Co, OH).

6) Cornelius Sibbitt (b circa 1796, Hopewell Twp, Essex Co, NJ, died circa 1237 in Carroll Co, In).

7) Benjamin Sibbitt (16 Feb 1205, d 22 Oct 1267 Saltillo, Carroll Co, IN)

Details on the Lives of the Descendants of Aaron Sibbitt and Elizabeth Marlen:

1) Richard Marlen Sibbitt ( b14 Feb, 1793, Hopewell Twp, Essex Co, NJ, d 25 Nov, 1277 Carroll Co, IN, buried Masonic Cemetery, Carroll Co, IN). 

            Perhaps the most is known about Richard Marlen Sibbitt (Sibbet) because he was so active and so prominent throughout his life.  Richard M. Sibbett Served in Lieut. Guttery’s MTD Co, Ohio Militia  in the War 1212.  He was a private and a horseman in this military unit.  After the War of 1212, on 27 Feb 1217 he married Allette (Letty) Stryker (Strigher)(b 4 Dec 1795, d 1 Oct 1262, buried Masonic Cemetery, Carroll Co, IN)  27 Feb 1217 in Warren Co, OH.  Richard Sibbet is noted in the 1230 census for Union Twp, Warren Co, OH.  After his mother Elizabeth Marlen Sibbet’s died (between 1220 and 1229, Richard moved to Indiana after 1230 and on June 8, 1233 obtained a land patent for 160 acres near Crawfordsville IN.  He greatly increased his holdings in both Tippecanoe and Carroll Cos, IN over the years,  but he continued to have contacts with his Sibbott relatives in Ohio.

            It is believed that he had children with his first wife Allete Stryker (Letty Strigher), but little is known about them or whether they survived until adulthood.  His first wife Letty died in 1262, and  on 14, Jul 1264 Richard Sibbitt, age 69, returned to Warren Co, Ohio to marry  the 26 year old Sarah Tomlinson (Tomolions) (b 1238, d after 1280) who evidently was well known to his extended Sibbitt family in Ohio.   He brought his young wife back with him to Indiana, and she had 4 children for him, 2 of whom survived to adulthood.  Over his life Richard M. Sibbitt was a very rich and successful farmer, land holder, and official in Tippecanoe and Carroll Cos, IN.  He died in 1277 at the age of 84 years old leaving his widow Sarah (age 39) and two surviving boys (age 11 and age 8) who can be seen in the 1280 census for Carroll Co, IN.

            Richard Marlen Sibbitt and Sarah Tomlinson had the following children:

            i) Marlen Richard Sibbitt (b 1265 Carroll Co, IN, d 1297 Carroll Co, IN)

            ii) Albert Clifton Sibbitt (b 19 Sep 1269 Carroll, Indiana, d after 1292).   Albert later married Maud Norris in Vermilion Co, IL on 23 Aug 1292

            iii) Flora A. Sibbitt (b 1267 Carroll Co, IN, d 1269 Carroll Co, IN).

            iv) Harry Leon Sibbitt (b 1271 Carroll Co, IN, d 20 Sep 1272 Carroll Co, IN).

            Richard Marlen Sibbitt’s history is detailed in the History of  Carroll County, Indiana, 1282; Kingman Brothers Chicago; page 341 as follows:

            “Richard Sibbitt was one of the first settlers of Deer Creek prairie, which lies on the west side of the Wabash river and was land reserved to A. Burnett by Indian treaties.  Mr. Sibbitt was of Scotch lineage, and was born in the State of New Jersey on the 14th day of February, 1793, being therefore, at the time of his death, which occurred from paralysis, on the 25th of November, 1277, at the ripe old age of eighty-four years. He was one of a family of six sons and one daughter of Aaron Sibbitt and Elizabeth (Marlen) Sibbitt.

            Aaron Sibbitt by occupation was a farmer and is entitled to the distinction of having been a  soldier of the Revolutionary war. Richard Sibbitt came to Carroll County in 1230, and, excepting two years lived from 1237 to the end of his life on the farm in Tippecanoe Township, where he died, following, during all these years, the business of a farmer. His labors, however, were not restricted to the county of Carroll, for in addition, he managed farms in Tippecanoe County, and in the State of Illinois, owning and controlling at the date of his decease, more than sixteen hundred acres of land. This body of land Mr. Sibbitt successfully operated by brain work alone rarely, if ever putting his hand to the plow.

            In Politics, he was an ardent Republican; in religion a Universalist. He was a soldier of the war of 1212. As a citizen of Carroll County, he took an active interest and participation in all public enterprises. In his own private affairs, he was a shrewd, careful and judicious manager. As a husband and father, he was kind, generous, temperate and indulgent. Twice married he left surviving him a widow and two sons, Marlen Richard and Albert Clifton. His long life bespoke him as he was in reality, a man of abstemious habits. In his death, the county lost a good citizen and his community an excellent neighbor.”

2) Eli  Sibbitt (b 1794 Hopewell Twp, Essex Co, NJ, died 1239 in Carroll Co, IN).

             Eli Sibbit was the second oldest son of Aaron Sibbet and Elisabeth Marlen, and was born in Hopewell Twp Essex Co, NJ, and lived his early years in Washington Co, PA, and his young adulthood in Warren Co, OH.  Eli  Sibbitt, who may also have been a soldier in the War of 1212,  married Sarah Anne Scofield (born 1797 PA)  8 Dec 1214 Warren, OH. He is noted in the 1230 census for Union Twp, Warren Co, OH.   They moved to Indiana around after 1233, with Eli’s older brother, Richard Marlen Sibbitt, settling also in Carroll Co, IN.  Eli became ill, but was able to prepare a will, for which his brother Richard Marlen was the executor.  Eli died in 1239 at the age of 45 years old.  After Eli’s death,  his widow Sarah Anne Sibbet married Benjamin Greathouse (b 1784 in Virginia) Nov. 27, 1239 in Indiana.  Eli Sibbitt’s family was already associated with the Greathouses as his daughter Elizabeth Sibbet had already married Benjamin Greathouses son, Eli Greathouse.  Eli’s Sibbitt children then grew up in the house of Benjamin Greathouse, who was the Sibbitt children’s stepfather.

            Eli Sibbitt and Sarah Anne Scofield had the following children:

            1. Nancy Sibbet (b 1213 Warren Co, IN, d after 1239).  Nancy Sibbit was the oldest child of Eli Sibbitt and Sarah Anne Scofield, and she grew up in Ohio.  On 25 Apr 1233 in Warren, OH she married Joseph Goulder (or Golden)(b 1206, Cape May, NJ).   In 1239 she inherited 5 dollars from her father Eli when he died, and none of the later inheritance which went to the younger children.

            ii) Mary Sibbet (b circa 1214, d after 1240).  Mary Sibbet was born in Warren Co, OH and there married Joshua Leonard (Leanard) on 12 Apr 1233.  In 1239 she inherited 5 dollars from her father Eli when he died, and none of the later inheritance which went to the younger children.

            iii) Allette (Letty) Anne Sibbett,(b circa 1216, d after 1240) married Demis Strighker (Stryker, probably the brother or nephew of Allette Stryker the first wife of Richard Marlen Sibbitt). In 1239 she inherited 5 dollars from her father Eli when he died, and none of the later inheritance which went to the younger children.

            iv) Elizabeth Sibbitt (born 1212, d after 1245)  Elizabeth Sibbet  married 1 )Eli Greathouse on 1 Aug 01, 1238 in Carroll Co IN, and 2) Jacob Culver later. In 1239 she inherited 5 dollars from her father Eli when he died, and none of the later inheritance which went to the younger children.

            v) Aaron Sibbitt (b born 1219, d after 1239).  In 1239 he inherited 5 dollars from her father Eli when he died, and none of the later inheritance which went to the younger children.

            vi) George Sibbitt ((b born 1220, d after 1239).   In 1239 he inherited 5 dollars from her father Eli when he died, and none of the later inheritance which went to the younger children.

            vii) Alvah Sibbitt (b 2 July 1228 Warren Co, OH, d 20 March 1299, Burlington Twp, Carroll Co, IN, buried Ball Hill, Carroll Co, IN).  He married 1) Jane Jennings 16, Dec 1249, and 2) Lydia Gaumer 14 June 1288, and had many descendants.

            viii) Matilda Sibbitt (b 1225-1230, d after 1240). Matilda was the 5th daughter of Eli and Sarah Sibbitt, but little is known about her.

            ix) Amanda Sibbitt (born 1232). Amanda was the 6th daughter of Eli and Sarah Sibbitt, but little is known about her.

            x) Benjamin Franklin Sibbitt (born 1234, Marion Co, OH, d May 1907, Maywood Nebraska, buried Indianola Cemetery, Indianola, NE).  Benjamin was the 4th son of Eli and Sarah Sibbitt.   Benjamin Franklin Sibbitt moved to Iowa in his young adulthood, and was a Civil War soldier.  He served in the 23rd Iowa Infantry, of the US Army. Later he married 1) Emerette Lemming, and 2) Margaret Spencer (1240, d 1283, Maywood Nebraska, buried Indianola Cemetery, Indianola, NE.)  

            Benjamin Franklin Sibbitt’s children included: 

            1. Carlos Chester SIBBITT  ( b: 12 May 1260 in Des Moines,Polk,Iowa,)

            2. Frank SIBBITT (b:1271 in Indianola,Red Willow,Nebraska, d 1287 buried Indianola Cemetery, Indianola, NE)

            3. Katie SIBBITT (b: Abt 1276 in Indianola,Red Willow,Nebraska).

3) Nancy Sibbet (b circa 1795 Hopewell Twp, Essex Co, NJ, death after 1216).  

            Nancy Sibbitt was the only daughter of Aaron Sibbet and Elizabeth Marlen,  and was born in New Jersey, but grew up in Washington Co, PA.  She married a man named “Ruidinover” or “Ridenour”, or probably the most correct modern version , “Ritnour” around 1209 in Warren Co, OH.  She did inherit three hundred and fifty Dollars and a gray mare colt when her father died. 

            Nancy Sibbet and Mr. Ritenour had at least one child:

            1) William Sibbitt Ritenour (b 1210 Somervile, Ohio,  died 1277 Copiah Co, Miss) William Sibbitt Ritneour married Lovey Treadwell 1234 in Warren County, Miss. and their children were Henry Clay Ritenour.,  Anna E Ritenour., .and Simon S. Ritnour. After his first wife’s death, he married Anna Farmer Middleton in 1266 Copiah County, Miss., and children from this marriage were Corson Simeon Ritenour.,  Wiliam Sibbitt II Ritenour., and Charles Clifton Ritenour.

4) George Sibbet (b after 1796  probably Amwell Twp Washington Co, PA,, died before1230 Deerfield Twp, Warren Co, OH).  George Sibbet was the second oldest boy of Aaron Sibbet and Elizabeth Marlen, and was an adult when his father was becoming ill in 1216.  George inherited a portion of his father’s property in 1216 after Aaron Sibbet’s death, but George does not subsequently appear in the census and probably died before 1230.

5) William Sibbitt ( b circa 1798, probably Amwell Twp Washington Co, PA, died before 1260 in Preble Co, OH).  

            William Sibbitt is noted in the 1230 and 1240 census for Union Twp, Warren Co, OH.  He apparently had 3 wives, the first, an unknown wife whom he married around 1226.   After her death, on 1 Feb 1231 he married Rebecca Verbryke (b 14 Nov 1214, d 17 Feb 1245) in Warren Co, OH.  In the 1240 census he has one boy less than 5 years old,  one boy between 5 and 10, a daughter between 5 and 10 and Rebecca who s, who is in her twenties.  Rebecca Verbryke died in 1245 when she was only 30 years old. William Sibbitt then married Rebecca Whiteneck 29 Aug 1246 Warren Co, OH. William Sibbitt probably died between 1250 and 1260 in Ohio.  He is notable that he is the ancestor of the many Tower Hill, Shelby Co, IL Sibbitts.

Children of William Sibbet  and Rebecca Verbryke are as follows:

            i) Richard Sibbet (b 28 Jan 1238, d Dec 28, 1244, buried in Fellowshiip Cemetery, Union Twp, Warren Co, OH).  He died when he was 6 years old.

            ii) Aaron Sibbet ( b 5 Jan 1241, d 9 Nov 1241 buried in Fellowshiip Cemetery, Union Twp, Warren Co, OH).  He died when he was less than a year old.

            iii) Unknown Sibbitt daughter

Children of William Sibbet  and first unknown wife are as follows:

            iii) Thaddeus Warsaw (Warren) Sibbitt  (b circa 1227, Warren Co OH, d Tower Hills, Shelby Co, IN) Thaddeus Warsaw Sibbitt married Elizabeth  Caroline Potter 25 Jan, 1254 in Ohio and after her death  married Mary E. Bancutter (b 1251 OH) on 24 Aug, 1273.

 Thaddeus Warsaw Sibbitt and Elizabeth  Caroline Potter had the following children:

            i) John Sibbitt (b 1253 Tower Hill, Shelby, Il, d after 1280)

            ii  Albert L. Sibbitt (b 24 Sept 1254,Tower Hill, Shelby, Il, d before 1270)

            iii) Charles J. Sibbitt (b 1256, Tower Hill,Shelby, Il, d before 1270)

            iv) Edgar Marcus Sibbitt (b 23 May 1258, Tower Hill,Shelby, Il,d before 1270)

            v) Martha Elizna (b Jan1261 Tower Hill, Shelby, Il, d after 1280),

            vi)  Neta Sibbitt (b 26 Jan 1264, Tower Hill,Shelby, d before 1270)

Thaddeus Warsaw Sibbitt and Mary E. Bancutter had the following children:

            vii) Dora Maude Sibbitt (b 4 Sep 1275, Tower Hill,Shelby, Il)  She married George Robert Ashe 7 July 1295, Tower Hill,Shelby, IL.

            viii) Charles Sibbit (b 9 May 1278, D Dec 1968 Tower Hill, Shelby, IL)

6) Cornelius Sibbitt (b Circa 1200, Washington Co, PA, d after 1234 Carroll Co, IN).             Cornelius Sibbitt was born in Amwell Twp Washington Co, PA around 1200.  He was still a minor when his father Aaron Sibbet died in 1216.   Cornelius Sibbit was the first of the Aaron Sibbitt family to move to Indiana, and he appears to have done this immediately after his mother Elisabeth Marlen died after 1220.  He first moved to Fayette co, IN, and later Carroll Co, IN.  Cornelius Sibbitt married Mary Anne Higgins in Fayette Co, IN on  27 Jul 1225.   On October 2, 1234 he was granted a land patent on 80 acres from the Land Office in Indiapolis, IN.  It is unknown whether Cornelius Sibbitt and Mary Anne Higgins had any children, and their burial site is unknown, but is likely to be in Carroll Co, IN.  He probably died before 1240 in Carroll Co, IN.

7)  Benjamin Sibbitt (16 Feb 1205,Amwell Twp, Washington Co. PA. d 22 Oct 1 1269 Saltillo,  Jasper Co. IN, Buried in Saltillo Cemetery Gillam Twp,, Jasper Co, IN).  

            Benjamin Sibbitt was the youngest child of Aaron Sibbitt and Elizabeth Marlen and was born in 1205 in Amwell Twp, Washington Co. PA.  In 1207 his family moved to Deerfield Twp, Warren Co, OH, where his father established rather extensive land holdings. Benjamin subsequently grew up in Ohio. However, his father Aaron Sibbet, the Revolutionary War soldier died in 1216, at the age of about 65.   Benjamin subsequently lived with his mother Elisabeth and his older brother Richard Marlen Sibbitt.  His mother died after 1220 while he was still a minor.  He was appointed a guardian by the Orphans Court in  Warren , OH.  Once he achieved maturity on 11 Jun 1226 he married Malinda Schofield (b 4 Feb 1210 Warren Co, OH, d 30 March 1252, Saltillo,  Jasper Co. IN), and took control of certain of the assets promised to him in his father’s will, but held in trust for him by his older brother Richard Marlen Sibbitt.

            In the 1230 census he can be observed in Union Twp, Warren Co, OH living very close to his older brothers Eli, Richard and William Sibbet.  In 1230, Richard Sibbitt moved to Carroll Co IN, and soon, after 1233, his little brother Benjamin Sibbitt followed with his family, and was one of the early settlers in Carroll Co, settling on a farmstead close to Delphi.  In 1250 he moved his family to Jasper Co, where he bought a large farm of 800 acres, near the town of Saltillo.  The town did not prosper, and eventually Benjamin Sibbitt acquired the entire tract.  At that time this area of Indiana was marshlands and was drained by the Pink-a-Nink Crek which flowed into the Iroquois River.  These areas were surround by deep peat deposits.  The woods around the creeks were wild, and there were many prairie wolves, deer, wild birds, and other game and wild animals.  Benjamin Sibbitt farmed this rich farmland, mostly to grow grain for feeding cattle because there was not a grain elevator around to permit the grain business itself.

            Benjamin Sibbitt’s wife Malinda Schofield died 30 March 1252, and he then married Permelia Cain 28 Sep 1253, White Co, IN.   On 22 Oct 1269 he died himself and was buried in  Saltillo Cemetery Gillam Twp,, Jasper Co, IN next to his family.

Benjamin Sibbitt and Malinda Schofield had the following children:

            i) Joseph Sibbitt (1231 Warren Co, OH, d after 1265 Jasper Co, IN).  Joseph married a “Hannah”, who later applied for a pension for his Civil War service.  Joseph was in the 12th Battery Indiana Light Artillery, and it is not certain when he died, but from family sources he died young either during or directly after the Civil War.

            ii) Richard Sibbitt (b 1233, OH,  d 1907 in OklahomaRichard Sibbitt grew up in Ohio and Indiana, being the second son of Benjamin Sibbitt, son of Aaron Sibbet.  After reaching maturity, he married Sarah E. Dunkin Jan 1265 in OH.  He lived the remainder of his life in Ohio, Indiana, and finally Kansas.

            Children of Richard Sibbitt include: Roger S,  Alvis S, Flora S, Murray, Edith, Emma Gertrude, Olive Van ( b 1265 in OH), Malinda (b 1267 in IN), Luretta (B 1268), Manford (b Jul 1270) and James Myron Sibbitt (b 1285). 

            iii) Oliver Perry Sibbitt (b 1235, d 1264).  Oliver Perry Sibbitt served in Company K 20 Indiana Light Artillery during the Civil War.  Oliver Perry Sibbitt died at the Battle of Fair Oaks in the Civil War, and has no known descendants.

            iv) Nancy B. Sibbitt (b 8 Sept 1241 Carroll Co, IN,  d 24 Feb 1258 Jasper Co. IN, Nancy Sibbitt died at  the young age of 15 and is buried in Saltillo Cemetery Gillam Twp,, Jasper Co, IN)

            v) Benjamin Sibbitt (b 1242 d 11 JUL 1258). Benjamin Sibbitt Jr. died young at 16 years old.

            vi) James Myron Sibbitt (b 22 Nov, 1248  Carroll Co, IN,  d 25 Jan 1935 Hoopeston, Vermilion Co, IL). 

            James Myron Sibbitt was born in Carroll Co, IN, and grew up on his father’s farm in Jasper Co, IN at the site of  the original town Saltillo.  He was known as “Myron”. In 1264 he joined the Union Army and fought with Company K, 135 Indiana Volunteer Infantry. With the Indiana Infantry, he fought the Confederate Armies in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.  He participated in and survived the important battle and seige at Nashville, Tenn.  He was mustered out of the service near the end of the war in 1265.  He returned home to Jasper Co, IN in 1265, and helped his father Benjamin Sibbitt which his multiple farms.

            His father Benjamin Sibbitt died in 1269, and Myron and his older brother Richard subsequently worked their father’s former lands in Jasper Co, IN.  In 1271 Myron Sibbitt moved to Iroquois Co, IL where his older brother, Richard Sibbitt, had  extensive land patents in the Prairie Green Twp.   Myron then rented this land from his brother, drained it, developed it, and turned into excellent farmland.  He bought a number of these improved acres from his brother, and gradually acquired a very large farm in different plots in Iroquois and Vermilion Cos, IL.  Myron returned to Carroll Co, IN in 1275  to marry Flora Stretch (b 1252 Carroll Co, IN, d 1914 Hoopeston, Vermilion Co, IL), the daughter of Jonathan Stretch.  And the couple returned ot Iroquois Co, Il to live.

            Subsequently Myron Sibbitt was a successful hog farmer, politician, town clerk, assessor, and school trustee.  In the 1270s, John Sibbitt, a distant relative of Myron Sibbitt’s, moved from Pennsylvania to Prairie Green Twp, IL, and John’s oldest daughter Emma Sibbitt, worked as a servant in Myron Sibbitt’s household in 1280.  Myron’s first wife Flora Stretch died in1914, and he married again this time to Hattie M Mc Green  on Jun 6 1916  in Carroll Co, IN when he was 67 years old. He eventually retired from farming, permitted his son, J. Arthur,  to work his lands,, and actually lived in Hoopeston in his later days.  Myron Sibbitt eventually died in Hoopeston, Vermilion Co, IL, at the age of 84 years on 25 Jan 1933, and is buried in Floral Hill Cemetery of the same community.  James Myron Sibbitt was a pioneer, politician, farmer, businessman, and soldier.

            James Myron Sibbet and Flora Stretch had the following children:

            i)  Benjamin J. Sibbitt (b Feb 1277 Prarie Green Twp, Iroquois Co, IL, d IL 1936, buried Floral Hills Cemetery, Hoopeston, Vermilion Co., IL).  He was a mail clerk on the Toledo, Peoria, & Warsaw Railroad, and lived in Peoria, IL.  He married a “Clare R.”

            ii) John Arthur Sibbitt (b Jan 1281 Prarie Green Twp, Iroquois Co, IL, d IL, d after 1920) John Arthur Sibbitt was a farmer by Hoopeston, Vermillion Co, Il..  He was called “Arthur”, not John.  He can been seen in the 1920 census for Prarie Green Twp, Iroquois Co, IL on his father’s old farmstead.

            iii) Arthur Charles Sibbitt (b 22 Apr 1282 Prarie Green Twp, Iroquois Co, IL, d after 1920)  lived in Grant Co, NE where he worked as a caretaker and security officer (Jefferson guard) at the St. Louis fair. .  He became very ill in 1904 with typhoid fever but survived.  He continued to live at  Hyannis Twp, Grant Co, NE into the 1920s.

            iv) Jessie Sibbitt (b May 1285 Iroqouis Co IL, d 1977 Hoopeston, Vermilion Co, IL, buried Floral Hills Cemetery, Hoopeston, Vermilion Co., IL).  Jessie Sibbitt was  a school teacher in Hoopeston, IL.  She married CL Swisher (b 1280 d 1946).

            v)  James H. Sibbitt (Sep 1287, d after 1902 probably in Oklahoma), who was a a farmer  in Hoopeston, IL but eventually moved to Kansas where his Stretch cousins lived.  There he married Carrie A. McCarty on 2 June 1913.  He eventually moved to Muskogee Twp, Muskogeen Co, Oklahoma where he spent the larger part of his life.  He is the ancestor of many of the contemporary Kansas and Oklahoma Sibbitts.