These documents were provided by Wilmer Sibbitt.

I have some new information, not yet confirmed by historical documents, but through another branch of the Solomon/Aaron Sibbet family. Dale Sibbit (who is about 85 years old now), is one of the Missouri Sibbits (decended from Solomon's son William), and in years past met one of his father's cousins who at that time lived in New York.

This Sibbit cousin said that the Solomon/Aaron Sibbet family originated from a Northern Irish immigrant who was a Protestant minister named "Sibbet" who immigrated from the Belfast area of Ulster to New Jersey. And these Sibbets still called themselves "Scots". We believe that this was James Sibbet.

This is the first independent story in my (your) line of Sibbets that
confirms my father's stories and my great aunt's stories that my line of
Sibbets were originally from Scotland, more importantly, from Northern
Ireland. From my father's stories, the Sibbets were real trouble makers in Ireland, and maybe that is why our Sibbet/Sibbitt branches are in the USA and the loyalist Sibbet branches are still there in Northern Ireland.

Thus, we the Solomon/Aaron Sibbet branch appear to be descended from James Sibbet, a Presbyterian minister of Scots-Irish origin, who immigrated from the Belfast area of Ulster (Northern Ireland), and settled in New Jersey before the Revolutionary War. This probably occured in the 1730s to 1750s.

Thus, the modern Sibbitts are of Scots and Scots-Irish descent, not true
Irish (non-Scot resident of Ireland).

Wilmer Sibbitt

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