This was given to me by my Mother, Jeanne Sibbitt, as a typed document.  It was typed on a manual typewriter (without the benefit of computers and spell checkers and automatic corrections – not even white out).   I’m not sure there are typing errors or whether the original letter was difficult to read.  I’ve made some obvious corrections, but tried to keep to the original as much as possible or where I wasn’t sure.


April Lougheed, 2003

Daughter of Marjorie Jeanne (Sibbitt) Lougheed

Daughter of Glyde Claire (Eikenberry) Sibbitt

Daughter of J.W. Eikenberry

Son of Elizabeth (Wingard) Eikenberry


An introduction by my Mother, Marjorie Jeanne (Sibbitt) Lougheed
(aka – Jeanne Lougheed)


These pages were written by my Great Grandmother Eikenberry – her son was J.W. Eikenberry – my Mother’s Father and my Grandfather.


She was a very strong woman.  Her husband, John died you.  He was in the Civil War.  She was left with six children.  My Grandfather was the youngest.  He was 15 years old and tried to be the head of the family.  He had five older sisters.


Great Grandma Eikenberry had very little education – no much schooling in 1844.


Jeanne Lougheed


This begins Elizabeth’s writing . . . .


N.B.     Some sketches of my life    March 5, 1920


Elizabeth Wingard Eikenberry was borned in the year of 1844 in our old home in the sugar creek vicinity.  When I was 15 years of age I united with the Baptist Sugar Creek church where I was raised.  In the year of 1867 September the 5 I was married to John Eikenberry and moved on to his farm now owned by our son J.W. Eikenberry southeast of Bringhurst.  In the year of 1875 I went with my husband to the Church of the Brethren.  In 1885 March 29 my husband passed away, then I was left to raise my family alone and not alone for Jesus was near me all the way.  Then in 1892 and 1895 my 2 daughters Ella and Orla was called away then I thought again my burden was too great for me to bair, then I thought again, Jesus was so near me.  Then in 1893 July 28, we came to Flora where we have lived every since.  After my children was all married and gone, Mary Jane Stinehouse stayed with me the most of the time.   In 1919 April 28 she was called away suddenly then I was left alone again, but Jesus cares for me, so I am never alone.  In the 6th trouble Jesus will not leave me and the 7th he will not forsake me.


Elizabeth Eikenberry

Flora, IND.


October 4, 1928

Have our Pastor to fill this out when needed and make changes where he sees it is necessary.  I just gave a sketch of my life.  Play the piano {at my funeral} if you want to children.



Song Service


In Songs of Praise my choir.


Page 27.  The Rugged Cross

Page 33. Does Jesus Care

Page 37. When we all get to heaven

Sing this song softly.

(Substituted I’ll meet you at the Eastern Gate)


These 3 songs sung in a Quartet or a Double Quartet.  Just as you children see best.  Suit yourselves in the song service.  The text is my request, Corinthians 5 chapter first verse.  For we know that if our earthly house of the tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God a house not made with hands, eternally in the heavens.  I would like for grandchildren for pallbearers if they will – grandmother’s last request.




A little sketch of my life                      January 1, 1925


I was taught to read the bible, from early youth.  It was a wonderful book to me, so after I was married, I kept it up to some extent.  My prayer was in secret.  In 1885 my husband was taken away, March 29, left me with 6 children.  Wilson 15 years of age, Ethel was borned 4 months later.  I commenced reading every evening had my family prayer.  Jesus told me he would help me raise my family.  I needed his care every hour.  I commenced reading first chapter Matthew and I read through every year since 1885.  I never broke my record.  Read the last chapter the last of Revelation New Year’s Eve by the Lord helping – he has been so good to me.  I had read the old Bible a great deal in my younger days, but in the last few years, I have read it through seven times.  It is a new book to me – it never gets old to me.  I never get tired of reading that good book – the Bible.  I am starting through cometh New Year Day.  The old and the new commeth New Year.  Finished March 14, 1926.  This makes eight times read from Genesis first to Malachi, last besides other reading in the old Bible.  I thought I would leave a sketch of my reading.  Left for my children to see.






                                                              January 1, 1926


I have read the New Testament through every year since 1885.  I have never broke my record yet.  The 29 day of March my husband passed away.  Left me to raise my family alone.   But Jesus told me he would help me.  So I lived very close to him.  I would read a portion of the New Testament and have our evening prayer.  I have always remembered my Jesus this way.  He helped me bair my troubles.  I read the last Chapter the last New Year Eve.  I will be 82 next March.  I have went through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in my training class when Brother Snavely was here.  Then I have read the old bible 6 times through.  Besides the training in the last 10 years.




                                                              January 1, 1927


I read through the old Bible this winter - got through in March.  This makes my eighth time through the old Bible since 1885.  I have read since 1885 the New Testament 42 times last December.  I never broke my record yet.  I am now in my 83rd year.  I read it trough once every year if my memory was as good as it was when a girl sweet sixteen – I would have it pretty good wouldn’t I?