Lougheed - Robert A. and Maria Cuff - New information - We are looking for more information on Robert A. in Sligo and his ancestors.

By Richard Lougheed on Sunday, September 28, 2003 - 12:46

I have seen this family mentioned often. I happened to
find the death notices of both parents in the Quebec City, Canada records.

Descendancy Narrative of Robert Lougheed

I. Robert Lougheed same as Robert 1775? He was born circa
1774 at Sligo?, Ireland. He married Mary Cuffe in 1798 at Achonry & Killala, Sligo, Ireland. He was listed as farmer in 1831. He died circa February 1831 at Hotel Dieu, Quebec, QC, Canada.

A. Jane Lougheed was born circa 1810 at Ireland. She
married William Scott before 1832. She died in September
1832 at Hotel Dieu, Quebec, QC, Canada.

B. Mary Lougheed was born before 1814 at Ireland. She
married Robert O'Meally before 1832 at Canada. She died in 1834.

1. Mary Jane O'Meally was born on 22 September 1832.

C. Julia Jan Lougheed was born before 1815 at Ireland. She married William O'Meally before 1844. She died in 1853 at Hudson, MI, USA. She was buried in 1853 at Goodrich Cemetery, w. of, Hudson, MI, USA.

1. Robert O'Meally Jr was born in 1844.

D. Robert Albert Lougheed was born on 15 August 1822 at
Sligo, Ireland. He married Electa Permelia Goodrich on 27 October 1850 at Hillsdale, MI, USA. He died on 4 January 1901 at Williams, OH, USA, at age 78. He was buried after 4 January 1901 at Malcom Cemetery, Northwestern Twp, Williams, OH, USA.

1. Alice Maria Lougheed was born on 1 August 1851 at near, Pittsford, MI, USA. She married Aaron Alpaugh in 1868. She married William Lent in 1891. She died in March 1913 at Williams, OH, USA, at age 61.

2. Robert Archibold Lougheed was born on 6 May 1854 at railroad camp, Bryan, OH, USA. He married Zenobia Kime in 1878 at USA. He died on 3 January 1901 at Williams, OH, USA, at age 46.

a) John L. Lougheed was born in 1879 at USA. He married
Minnie M. McCrea on 3 September 1902. He died in 1960.

b) Lebertis R. Lougheed was born in 1881 at Northwest Twp,
OH, USA. He/she died in 1944 at Williams, OH, USA. He/she
was buried in 1944 at Malcom Cemetery, Williams, OH, USA.

c) Fay A. Lougheed was born on 20 January 1884 at USA. He married Lulu Lesnet before 1902. He died on 26 December 1968 at age 84.

d) Chalmer Fern Lougheed was railroader. He was born on 15 August 1887 at USA. He married Ollie May Rockery before 1910. He died in August 1977 at Flint, Genesee, MI, USA.

e) Clifford Lougheed was born on 9 February 1891 at USA. He married Mabel Humphrey before 1916. He died on 21 September 1962 at Denver, CO, USA, at age 71.

f) Randall Lougheed was born in 1893 at USA. He married
Agnes Barnhart after 1913 at USA? He died in 1932.

3. Julia Estella Lougheed was born on 4 July 1860 at
Hudson, MI, USA. She married Samuel E. Norrick in 1884. She died in 1930.

4. George Linden Lougheed was born in 1868 at Hillsdale,
MI, USA. He married Ida May Decker after 1890. He died in

5. Lewis N. Lougheed was born in 1870 at Hillsdale, OH,
USA. He married Myrtie May Coler before 1893 at USA? He died
in 1947.

6. Lena Jane Lougheed was born in 1873 at Northwest Twp, Coney, OH, USA. She married Frank Malcom after 1890. She died in 1963.

7. Lola Mary Lougheed was born in 1875 at Northwest Twp, Coney, OH, USA. She married Harry Gore after 1893. She died in 1957.

E. Maria Lougheed was born before 1831 at Ireland.


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